The Source – Tara Swart

The Source - Tara SwartSynopsis: Life-changing opportunities pass us by every day – now we can train our minds to seize them

Self-help books like The Secret promise that we can tap into the ‘law of attraction’ to control our destiny, simply by changing our thoughts. If we strip away the mystique, at the heart of this idea is a fundamental truth that is backed up by the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience: most of the things we want from life – health, happiness, wealth, love – are governed by our ability to think, feel and act; in other words, by our brain.

Dr Tara Swart, a neuroscientist and executive coach with a background in psychiatry, is convinced beyond all doubt of our ability to alter how our brains work – and transform our lives. In The Source, she draws on the latest cognitive science and her experience coaching highly successful people to reveal the secret to mastering our minds.

With a four-step plan to awaken the power of your brain, this unique guide to life combines science and spirituality in a way that is open-minded and practical. Discover how to:

– Challenge ‘autopilot’ thinking and rewire your brain’s pathways to fulfil your potential
– Manifest the things you want by directing your energy towards your deepest values and ambitions
– Harness the power of visualisation to prime your brain to grab opportunities and take control of your future
– Attack life with confidence, dispel fear and avoid negative thinking

Unlock your potential today – you are just four steps away from building a new confident you.

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In our reviews we often recommend books from a starting your own business perspective, but there are certain times in your life when you feel the need to take stock and consider what you really want from life in a more holistic sense.

The Source is a perfect guide to help you start this journey; as a reader I often like to dip into books, or start with something that catches my attention, however I recommend starting this book and reading it from the beginning, with a notebook, or journal and do the exercises in the sequence suggested..

However much you feel you know about self-help, or unlocking your potential, this book is full of very accessible advice and the four-step plan provides a very useful map to help you refocus and set your path for the future.

The Pomodoro Technique® – Francesco Cirillo

The Pomodoro Technique® - Francesco CirilloSynopsis: We’re constantly busy but we never seem to get anything done. We know we should focus on the task in hand, but there are just too many distractions.

We all need The Pomodoro Technique. This deceptively simple tool, now being used by more than 2 million people around the world, helps us regain control and achieve our goals. It transforms both work and home life by splitting days into 25-minute ‘pomodoros’, which focus our minds and make us far more productive.
Drawing on more than two decades of refinement and thinking, this powerful little book will teach you how to . . .

-Work with time
-Eliminate burnout
-Manage distractions
-Create a better work/life balance
. . . all using only a pen, some paper and a timer.

Start now – and join the Pomorodo revolution.
Fully updated edition with exclusive material on teamwork – to make you and your team more dynamic than ever.

Little Brands Cool Ideas Review
If you find it difficult to focus on the task in hand The Pomodoro Technique is really useful in helping you manage time and interruptions.It also recommends creating a better work/life balance by taking regular breaks at the end of each Pomodoro and after a series of Pomodoros.

By planning and allocating time to important tasks, this simple but effective tool helps you to become more effective in your use of time and managing distractions, so that ultimately you achieve more. A technique definitely worth trying!

Entrepreneur Revolution – Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur Revolution – Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur Revolution - Daniel PriestleySynopsis: The rules of work and business have changed. Today your ideas have more potential than ever to be valuable and go global. What are you going to do about it?

Change your mindset, change your business and change your life. Take part in the Entrepreneur Revolution.

After working closely with over 3000 entrepreneurs in the UK, USA, Australia and Singapore, Entrepreneur and best selling Author Daniel Priestley can show you how to succeed in the entrepreneur age.

The updated Entrepreneur Revolution is a call-to-arms for people who want to make the most of the times we are in. Packed with important lessons, expert advice, innovative strategies and implementable activities, you will avoid trial and error and get closer to achieving your potential. Gear up for high performance as you learn how to tap into your brain’s entrepreneurial centre

Develop successful routines and habits
Navigate the rollercoaster of entrepreneurial emotions
Increase sales and recruit your team members
Turn an idea into scalable products and services
Fine-tune your lifestyle to your “entrepreneurial sweet spot”

Small businesses are embracing technology, facilitating high performance and attracting the top talent. Don’t get left behind – join the Entrepreneur Revolution to transform the way you do business and create the future you want.

Little Brands Cool Ideas Review
In this revised and expanded second edition Daniel Priestley’s Entrepreneur Revolution is like a breath of fresh air. We also loved the fact that one of his mentors is Mike Harris, Founder of FirstDirect and Egg and author of another of our favourite books, Find Your Lightbulb.

Many people talk about being an entrepreneur, even more books and papers have been written about it, but what we loved about Daniel’s approach in this book is it is so accessible. This is a book that you can literally read cover to cover and feel totally motivated and inspired to take action.It’s a book that you can return to over and over again and find new wisdom. Importantly for more established small businesses he suggest ways of taking your business to the next level of moving beyond being commercial and becoming remarkable.

If there is one book to move you to take action it is Entrepreneur Revolution! We loved it! Highly Recommended!

Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling – Jessica Huie

Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling - Jessica HuieSynopsis: In Purpose, Jessica shares the lessons she learned as she went from being an individual who felt purposeless and unhappy, to someone who recognizes her complete power to design and create a successful, meaningful and limitless life built from an authentic foundation. Using the tools Jessica shares, you too will feel empowered to get unstuck, begin making real change in your own life and the lives of others, and live according to your own true PURPOSE.

Jessica Huie went from being a teenage mother, expelled from school and staying in a hostel to having a glittering career in public relations, founding two award-winning businesses and earning an MBE from the Queen. Throughout the course of a career that has spanned more than 20 years, she has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars and business people, including Simon Cowell, Samuel L. Jackson, Mariah Carey and Meghan Markle.

But there’s more to her story than that.

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Little Brands Cool Ideas Review
Purpose is a very honest and inspiring book. In a compelling and personal account of her life Jessica describes her own journey and invites us as readers to examine our own lives and ambitions. With thoughtful quotes and written with passion and commitment, this is a very accessible and uplifting book that deserves to be read from cover to cover. Highly Recommended!

Confidence Pocketbook – Gill Hasson

Confidence Pocketbook – Gill HassonLittle exercises for a self-assured life


Stop being a passenger in your own life. Believe in yourself and start driving!

The Confidence Pocketbook is your take-everywhere guide to confidence and self-esteem. Packed with over 100 simple tips, techniques, ideas and suggestions, this book is your ultimate companion for facing life head-on — even during the most awkward or nerve-wracking moments.

Whether you flounder in social situations, second-guess your every decision or doubt your own abilities, author Gill Hasson can help you live your life with confidence. Each page in this book presents a specific scenario in which confidence is key, and shows you the little ways in which you can act — and feel — more confident every day.

Keep this guide with you as a constant reminder to believe in yourself; dip in for a quick bit of advice in tricky situations, or read and re-read the pages that hit closest to home. By making tiny yet impactful changes to your outlook, your habits and your attitude, you’ll develop the confidence to cope with challenges and the optimism to say everything will turn out fine.

Public speaking, job interviews, first dates, big projects, new opportunities — confidence is key to them all. This book shows you how to develop the confidence you need to succeed in all areas of life and feel good about yourself every single day.

  • Handle life’s difficulties with grace and style
  • Access tailor-made advice for any situation on the spot
  • Recognise your own shine and allow others to see it too

Low self-esteem can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so don’t let it fester. If you can’t see how capable you are, how can anyone else? Don’t miss out on life — put the Confidence Pocketbook to work for you, and start taking on the world.

Little Brands Cool Ideas Verdict

We love this pocket-sized book, it is something that you can dip into at any time on any page and you will find something helpful to build your confidence. The book is structured around three key parts, Part 1: The Foundation Stones of Confidence, Part 2: Personal Confidence, Part 3 Social Confidence. Each topic has advice, tips, techniques ideas and suggestions for how to put it into practice in a wide range of situations.

Gill Hasson always writes in an accessible, practical and really helpful style and this book is packed full with valuable advice. Highly Recommended!

How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone – Mark Rhodes

How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone – Mark RhodesConfident Communication for Work Life and Relationships

Synopsis: Talk to anyone, anytime, about anything — with confidence.

 How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone is your personal handbook for stepping up your communication game. Part confidence coach and part social manual, this book reveals the reasons behind your reserve and offers real, practical ways to break through the barriers and make a connection.

Whether you fear judgement and rejection or just don’t know what to say, these simple exercises will equip you with a gold mine of social tools to get you through any situation. This new second edition has been updated to include the complete 30-day Zero to Hero Personal Confidence Course, to help you build your skills and increase your chances of getting what you want out of any conversation. Working step-by-step, you’ll learn how to approach strangers, strike up a conversation and exit gracefully; by first changing your outlook, you develop the ability to navigate even tricky situations with confidence and ease.

Conversation skills affect more than your social life — they can impact your career as well. In removing your social hesitance, you open up a whole new world of effective communication with customers and colleagues, and begin building the relationships that get you closer to your goals. This book provides real-world techniques to help you get better and better every day, enabling you to:

  • Overcome your fear of rejection.
  • Strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.
  • Open up to make real connections and build strong rapport.
  • Carry your confidence into networking, sales and more.

Leave the days of awkwardness behind you. Stop running away from uncomfortable interactions and start getting comfortable instead. Whether you need to close the deal, build contacts or just make small talk at a party, How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone helps you build the confidence and skills you need to talk your way to success.

Little Brands Cool Ideas Verdict

How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone is divided into four parts: Part One: Common Fears and Barriers about Talking to Absolutely Anyone, Part Two: The Four Stages of an Interaction, Part Three: Making Your Communications Even Better and Part Four: 31 Day “Zero to Hero” Talk to Absolutely Anyone Plan.

If you ever struggle to communicate effectively and to hold natural and relaxed conversations How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone is a really helpful book full of practical examples of how to improve your communication skills. We particularly like the step-by-step examples, which are full of reassurance and encouragement. Highly Recommended!

The Little Black Book of Decision Making – Michael Nicholas

The Little Black Book of Decision Making – Michael NicholasSynopsis: The secret to making the right call in an increasingly complex world

The decisions we make every day – frequently automatic and incredibly fast – impact every area of our lives. The Little Black Book of Decision Making delves into the cognition behind decision making, guiding you through the different ways your mind approaches various scenarios. You’ll learn to notice that decision making is a matter of balance between your rational side and your intuition – the trick is in honing your intuition to steer you down the right path.

Pure reasoning cannot provide all of the answers, and relying solely on intuition could prove catastrophic in business. There must be a balance between the two, and the proportions may change with each situation. This book helps you quickly pinpoint the right mix of logic and ‘gut feeling,’ and use it to find the best possible solution.

  • Balance logic and intuition in your decision making approach
  • Avoid traps set by the mind’s inherent bias
  • Understand the cognitive process of decision making
  • Sharpen your professional judgement in any situation

Decision making is the primary difference between organisations that lead and those that struggle. The Little Black Book of Decision Making helps you uncover errors in thinking before they become errors in judgement.

Little Brands Cool Ideas Verdict

The Little Black Book of Decision Making is divided into three parts; Part 1- No Place for Old Dogs: New Tricks Required, Part 2 – Mindset Matters! Getting Beyond the Process, Part 3 – Transforming Decision Making from the Inside Out. Throughout the book there are references to Ten Decision-Making Principles, which are also summarized in the Conclusion. With fascinating case studies of business successes and failures, this is a really intelligent look at decision making.

Too Fast to Think – How to Reclaim Your Creativity in a Hyper-connected Work Culture – Chris Lewis

Front cover of Too Fast to Think - How to Reclaim Your Creativity in a Hyper-connected Work Culture - Chris LewisSynopsis: Our lives are getting faster and faster. We are engulfed in constant distraction from email, social media and our ‘always on’ work culture. We are too busy, too overloaded with information and too focused on analytical left-brain thinking processes to be creative. Too Fast to Think exposes how our current work practices, media culture and education systems are detrimental to innovation. The speed and noise of modern life is undermining the clarity and quiet that is essential to power individual thought. Our best ideas are often generated when we are free to think diffusely, in an uninterrupted environment, which is why moments of inspiration so often occur in places completely separate to our offices.

To reclaim creativity, Too Fast to Think teaches you how to retrain your brain into allowing creative ideas to emerge, before they are shut down by interruption, distraction or the self-doubt of your over-rational brain. This is essential reading for anyone who wants to maximize their creative potential, as well as that of their team. Supported by cutting-edge research from the University of the Arts London and insightful interviews with business leaders, academics, artists, politicians and psychologists, Chris Lewis takes a holistic approach to explain the 8 crucial traits that are inherently linked to creation and innovation.

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Little Brand Cool Ideas Verdict
With a Foreword from Sir Ken Robinson, whose own work has been driven by a ‘passionate commitment to transform the culture of education and organizations with a richer conception of human creativity and intelligence. This mission which others share, is becoming increasingly urgent.’ It’s a mission shared by Chris Lewis and Too Fast to Think is packed full of fascinating information and practical advice from both the author and his interviews with others across all walks of life.

The contents include:

The information overload and the way it’s changing us
How did we allow ourselves to become so overloaded?
The ‘always on’ environment and its effect
Your brain and how to use it
Sleep matters
Where great ideas come from
Generating better ideas
How leaders apply creativity

We particularly liked the chapters on Where Great Ideas Come From and how to Generate Better Ideas and the insights from How Leaders Apply Creativity, but one of the most pivotal chapters is Sleep Matters in which Chris Lewis examines the impact of sleep deprivation on our creativity and health. We also appreciated his honesty in the final chapter, when he confesses that he too is often guilty of moving too fast to think, and part of his motivation for writing the book was to discover ways of helping himself slow down and nurture his own creativity. Too Fast to Think is a brilliant contribution to the ongoing debate about ways of reclaiming our creativity. Highly Recommended!

HUSTLE by Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler and Neil Patel

HUSTLE by Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler and Neil PatelThe power to charge your life with money, meaning and momentum by Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler and Neil Patel

Synopsis: Hustle is the definitive guide on how to literally change your life.  If you are one of those people who lies awake at night knowing you have a great new idea, but lack the courage, confidence or the nuts and bolts ‘know-how’ to make that break and escape the security of the 9-5, this riveting new book is the key to unlocking that door.

The word ‘Hustle’ is defined by the authors as ‘Decisive movement toward a goal, however indirect, by which the motion itself manufactures luck, surfaces hidden opportunities, and charges our lives with more money, meaning, and momentum.

Inspiring, educational and fun, Hustle is an eye-opening read. More than a business mantra, Hustle is a fresh new manifesto that will teach you to tilt the game of life in your favour by building a bridge between your potential and the opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

Written by an award-winning entrepreneurial US based dream-team trio that includes best-selling author of ‘The Lean Entrepeneur’ Patrick Vlaskovits together with founder of Koffler Pictures, Jonas Koffler and Neil Patel (recognised in the top 100 of under 30’s entrepenuers by Obama) this powerful and practical guide will show you how to look at life through a new lens.

Authors Neil, Patrick, and Jonas (self-proclaimed Hustlers themselves) are respected trusted global influencers who have hatched multi-million dollar ventures on the backs of napkins; who enjoy the freedom to travel and work anywhere; and who have harnessed the power of understanding how to transform the world into a better place.


Hustle is split into three parts that if realigned together will bring more momentum, money and meaning into your life:

‘The Heart’: Learn How to follow your own dreams than others. This section explores the ‘Mediocrity of Meh’ with guidance on how to take more of the ‘right kind’ of risk in order to escape the ‘Cycle of Suck’.

‘The Head’: Discover how to get started and how to prepare for the mistakes that come with risk. This part of the book introduces the reader to ‘Hormesis’ the concept that involves using small amounts of stress to help grow skills and knowledge and solve complex changes. This section also defines the three unseen laws of Hustle. This  area of Hustle shows you that sometimes doing the wrong thing can often be a necessary step to finding the right thing.

‘The Habits’:  How to spot opportunities and create your own luck. E.g: Develop a POP – a Personal Opportunity Portfolio and how to unlock the power of the ‘Ten Minute Rule’.

The authors say in the foreword ‘We see too many people repressed by irrational and incessant fears, stifled by an unwillingness to take risk, trapped by tough choices about their futures. What’s happened to their dreams? What’s the difference between the successful and the unfulfilled? Something is broken here. We want to fix it. This book is the antidote’.

It is well known that inspiration and greatness are found on the road less travelled, and authors, Neil, Patrick and Jonas illustrate this chapter by chapter with a blend of clear examples and concrete tools. They will show you how subversiveness, creativity, and simple grit can help you access your dreams with a step-by-step approach.

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Little Brands Cool Ideas Review
What we love about this book is its energy and relevance. It commands attention because the authors’ examples are current, and although some of the language may be unfamiliar, the steps outlined make clear practical sense and help to identify the difference between imagined and real action.

We love the chapters on choosing your own adventure and their description of a Fourfold Path to achieve it, just as thought provoking is how to make your future POP.

As the title suggests the book outlines the key steps  to charge your life with money, meaning and momentum. If you are looking for inspiration to do something different, pick up this book and literally read it from cover to cover, and then most importantly start making your own choices!!

Why Fonts Matter – Sarah Hyndman

Why Fonts Matter – Sarah Hyndman
Why Fonts Matter – Sarah Hyndman

Synopsis: We all constantly interact with type in almost every aspect of our lives. But how do fonts affect what we read and influence the choices we make?

This book opens up the science and the art behind how fonts influence you. It explains why certain fonts or styles evoke particular experiences and associations. Fonts have different personalities that can create trust, mistrust, give you confidence, make things seem easier to do or make a product taste better. They’re hidden in plain sight, they trigger memories, associations and multisensory experiences in your imagination.

* Fonts can alter the meanings of words right before your very eyes.

* See what personalities fonts have, and what they reveal about YOUR personality.

* Explore how you respond to fonts emotionally and can make fonts work for your message.

* Be amazed that a font has the power to alter the taste of your food.

This book is for anyone who is interested in giving words impact, who loves words and how they influence us.

Little Brands Cool Ideas Review

This book is absolutely fascinating! When you are first establishing your brand, choosing the typeface/font to represent your brand is one of the most important things that you can do. This book will be invaluable in showing you different examples and helping you understand what you feel most represents your brand and how you want to convey yourself to your future customers. We loved it! Highly Recommended!