HUSTLE by Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler and Neil Patel

HUSTLE by Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler and Neil PatelThe power to charge your life with money, meaning and momentum by Patrick Vlaskovits, Jonas Koffler and Neil Patel

Synopsis: Hustle is the definitive guide on how to literally change your life.  If you are one of those people who lies awake at night knowing you have a great new idea, but lack the courage, confidence or the nuts and bolts ‘know-how’ to make that break and escape the security of the 9-5, this riveting new book is the key to unlocking that door.

The word ‘Hustle’ is defined by the authors as ‘Decisive movement toward a goal, however indirect, by which the motion itself manufactures luck, surfaces hidden opportunities, and charges our lives with more money, meaning, and momentum.

Inspiring, educational and fun, Hustle is an eye-opening read. More than a business mantra, Hustle is a fresh new manifesto that will teach you to tilt the game of life in your favour by building a bridge between your potential and the opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

Written by an award-winning entrepreneurial US based dream-team trio that includes best-selling author of ‘The Lean Entrepeneur’ Patrick Vlaskovits together with founder of Koffler Pictures, Jonas Koffler and Neil Patel (recognised in the top 100 of under 30’s entrepenuers by Obama) this powerful and practical guide will show you how to look at life through a new lens.

Authors Neil, Patrick, and Jonas (self-proclaimed Hustlers themselves) are respected trusted global influencers who have hatched multi-million dollar ventures on the backs of napkins; who enjoy the freedom to travel and work anywhere; and who have harnessed the power of understanding how to transform the world into a better place.


Hustle is split into three parts that if realigned together will bring more momentum, money and meaning into your life:

‘The Heart’: Learn How to follow your own dreams than others. This section explores the ‘Mediocrity of Meh’ with guidance on how to take more of the ‘right kind’ of risk in order to escape the ‘Cycle of Suck’.

‘The Head’: Discover how to get started and how to prepare for the mistakes that come with risk. This part of the book introduces the reader to ‘Hormesis’ the concept that involves using small amounts of stress to help grow skills and knowledge and solve complex changes. This section also defines the three unseen laws of Hustle. This  area of Hustle shows you that sometimes doing the wrong thing can often be a necessary step to finding the right thing.

‘The Habits’:  How to spot opportunities and create your own luck. E.g: Develop a POP – a Personal Opportunity Portfolio and how to unlock the power of the ‘Ten Minute Rule’.

The authors say in the foreword ‘We see too many people repressed by irrational and incessant fears, stifled by an unwillingness to take risk, trapped by tough choices about their futures. What’s happened to their dreams? What’s the difference between the successful and the unfulfilled? Something is broken here. We want to fix it. This book is the antidote’.

It is well known that inspiration and greatness are found on the road less travelled, and authors, Neil, Patrick and Jonas illustrate this chapter by chapter with a blend of clear examples and concrete tools. They will show you how subversiveness, creativity, and simple grit can help you access your dreams with a step-by-step approach.

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Little Brands Cool Ideas Review
What we love about this book is its energy and relevance. It commands attention because the authors’ examples are current, and although some of the language may be unfamiliar, the steps outlined make clear practical sense and help to identify the difference between imagined and real action.

We love the chapters on choosing your own adventure and their description of a Fourfold Path to achieve it, just as thought provoking is how to make your future POP.

As the title suggests the book outlines the key steps  to charge your life with money, meaning and momentum. If you are looking for inspiration to do something different, pick up this book and literally read it from cover to cover, and then most importantly start making your own choices!!

Interview with Emma Trigg, Founder of The Treasure Trove

Interview with Emma Trigg, Founder of The Treasure Trove

What inspired you to set up The Treasure Trove?

It was really a long awaited change in lifestyle that inspired me to set up The Treasure Trove. Having moved from London to Brighton in 2010 to be with my now husband, I suffered the commute back to the City for a couple of years and over that time, began planning the change in career from Office Manager, to running my own shabby chic furniture business.

Inspired by a love of vintage furniture and home interiors and years of rummaging car boot fairs and auctions around the country, it was time to make a weekend hobby a full-time reality. I attended painting courses and rented a local workshop in order to store the furniture we had started to acquire, and before I knew it, my City days were over and The Treasure Trove had begun!

What does a typical week look like for you?

Fortunately, no week is ever the same at The Treasure Trove, but you can usually find me attending antique fairs in and around the UK, or popping further afield to France or Belgium, sourcing beautiful new items for the website. Once I’ve found those special pieces, it’s time to get my paint brushes out and create a unique and individual look for each piece. I then photograph each piece at the workshop, upload the pictures and info onto our website and social media.

Aside from selling our furniture online, we also offer a ‘Furniture Sourcing Service’ for those customers looking for a specific piece of furniture for their home. After we’ve found it, we’ll custom paint it to our customer’s specific requirements, offering a free consultation to discuss colours and finishes in detail, then it’s ready to be shipped out.

What excites you about sourcing and up-styling furniture?

For me, it’s all about the transformation. I love the fact that each piece has its own history and once provided a function in a previous life, quite often as far back as the Victorian and Edwardian era! The quality and workmanship of these pieces really is incredible considering we are still able to use them today, it’s a true testament to those makers.

I love the creativity and freedom that upcycling gives you. It probably sounds strange, but when I look at a piece of furniture, it really tells me what’s going to enhance its look!

How would you like The Treasure Trove to develop?

The Treasure Trove is fortunately now in its 4th year, but as we’re still a fairly new business, you find you’re ever-evolving and developing, learning from good and bad decisions every day.

We’d love to develop our work helping interior designers and customers finding special items for their homes and projects.

More than anything, we’d still like The Treasure Trove to be providing beautifully bespoke shabby chic and vintage furniture well into the future!

What advice would you give to someone looking to change their lifestyle?

“Just do it!” I can honestly say, I’ve never been happier since realising my dream. It’s an incredible journey of personal learning and self-development which doesn’t seem to stop, and although it’s not all plain sailing, the rewards far outweigh any bad days. Even if things don’t work out, I always think it’s better to give something a go and have that experience … you never know, it could lead to another avenue you wouldn’t have thought of previously!

Based on your experience do you have any other advice for Little Brands just starting out?

With little brands, the more personal service you can offer the better! The likelihood is that ‘you are the brand’ and you’ll probably be dealing with your customers directly, so it’s important to maintain a high level of customer service and ensure you’re delivering quality products or services. Your customers will love you for it and probably won’t receive that ‘added value’ from the big boys!

As a little brand, you should be providing a service or product that is as unique as possible and stands out from the crowd, so it’s important to do your market research and find out what makes you different from everyone else. You’ll probably have to charge more than the larger companies, who simply have more capital, buying power and long-standing household reputations.

If you’ve done all this and still have a passion and enthusiasm for what you’re doing, then have patience … these things take time, money and huge amounts of effort, but success will come eventually I’m sure!

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