Front cover of Too Fast to Think - How to Reclaim Your Creativity in a Hyper-connected Work Culture - Chris LewisSynopsis: Our lives are getting faster and faster. We are engulfed in constant distraction from email, social media and our ‘always on’ work culture. We are too busy, too overloaded with information and too focused on analytical left-brain thinking processes to be creative. Too Fast to Think exposes how our current work practices, media culture and education systems are detrimental to innovation. The speed and noise of modern life is undermining the clarity and quiet that is essential to power individual thought. Our best ideas are often generated when we are free to think diffusely, in an uninterrupted environment, which is why moments of inspiration so often occur in places completely separate to our offices.

To reclaim creativity, Too Fast to Think teaches you how to retrain your brain into allowing creative ideas to emerge, before they are shut down by interruption, distraction or the self-doubt of your over-rational brain. This is essential reading for anyone who wants to maximize their creative potential, as well as that of their team. Supported by cutting-edge research from the University of the Arts London and insightful interviews with business leaders, academics, artists, politicians and psychologists, Chris Lewis takes a holistic approach to explain the 8 crucial traits that are inherently linked to creation and innovation.

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Little Brand Cool Ideas Verdict
With a Foreword from Sir Ken Robinson, whose own work has been driven by a ‘passionate commitment to transform the culture of education and organizations with a richer conception of human creativity and intelligence. This mission which others share, is becoming increasingly urgent.’ It’s a mission shared by Chris Lewis and Too Fast to Think is packed full of fascinating information and practical advice from both the author and his interviews with others across all walks of life.

The contents include:

The information overload and the way it’s changing us
How did we allow ourselves to become so overloaded?
The ‘always on’ environment and its effect
Your brain and how to use it
Sleep matters
Where great ideas come from
Generating better ideas
How leaders apply creativity

We particularly liked the chapters on Where Great Ideas Come From and how to Generate Better Ideas and the insights from How Leaders Apply Creativity, but one of the most pivotal chapters is Sleep Matters in which Chris Lewis examines the impact of sleep deprivation on our creativity and health. We also appreciated his honesty in the final chapter, when he confesses that he too is often guilty of moving too fast to think, and part of his motivation for writing the book was to discover ways of helping himself slow down and nurture his own creativity. Too Fast to Think is a brilliant contribution to the ongoing debate about ways of reclaiming our creativity. Highly Recommended!