As founders of Hot Brands Cool Places we have met some amazing companies who have grown during their time with us.

As well as showcasing established brands, Hot Brands, Cool Places has become a launch pad for new brands and their creators, and we are proud to have been able to showcase many of them and see them grow over their years with us.

But each week we receive more and more information about new companies just starting out and we felt there was an opportunity to create a sister company that could showcase these new and emerging companies as they take their first steps. Where we could also share the successes and lessons learned by older and more established brands and so Little Brands Cool Ideas was born.

In the current climate more and more people are looking to set up their own businesses, and we want to create a place that will inspire them to create their own template for success.

Over the next weeks and months this space will grow and develop, we look forward to sharing with you many small businesses with great ambitions! Watch this space or follow us on Twitter @littlebrandcool